Writing a Successful CV; What You Should Include

Many applicants assume that a CV and a resume are the same. Whereas both documents have similarities, they are not the same. Below, we explore the differences between a resume and a CV. We also give you some tips on what to include in your CV and what to leave out.
A CV is an in-depth document that can be laid out over two or more pages and it contains details about your achievements, a great more than just an outline of the different job posts that you have held over the years. The CV covers your education as well as any other accomplishments like publications, awards, conferences and any other recognitions.
A resume on the other hand is typically not longer than a page and should be adapted to every position that you are applying to. A resume does not have to cover details of your entire career and should focus on key achievements relevant to the position you are applying for.
What your CV should include:

  • A section listing your skills: Skills include: relationship building, negotiation skills, team building and computer skills, among others
  • Achievements: this is a selection of the key contributions you made in each role that you have held. These can include: projects managed, resources fundraise, partnerships developed and targets reached, among others.
  • Your CV should sound enthusiastic. The way you write you CV should portray a vibrant personality. Your aim should be to captivate the reader and to convince him/her that you are the right candidate.

Your CV should not include:

  • Irrelevant information such as how many children you have, marital status unless these details have been explicitly requested for.
  • Your CV should not contain entire descriptions of the different roles you have held. The focus should be on the key achievements. An employer is not interested in knowing what your job description looked like but rather your accomplishments for each role.
  • A long list of all the trainings and conferences you have attended. Only include trainings and conferences that are relevant to the position that you are applying for.

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