United Network of Young Peace Builders (UNOY) Call for Trainers

About Pool of Trainers

The UNOY Peacebuilders aims to develop a Pool of Trainers which consists of young
international peacebuilders that have experience in intercultural learning and non-formal
learning methodologies in the context of youth work activities and peace education. Thus, UNOY is looking for ONLY 12 highly competent trainers from all over the world to join a globally credible pool.

The Pool of Trainers will be contacted frequently to provide trainers for capacity
development/training activities of UNOY, its member organizations and other external
stakeholders, as and when required. The trusted pool of trainers aims to increase the availability of human resources and expertise, reduce the preparation time of training projects and ensure high quality of capacity development programs.

Roles and Responsibilities

● Deliver international and regional trainings (in-person or online) in pairs; (paid)
● Occasionally become members of the preparatory teams that prepare, run and evaluate
training courses; (paid)
● Occasionally become rapporteurs or editors for reports on trainings/consultations; (paid)
● Occasionally join other trainings as external experts who provide short inputs. (unpaid)
Time commitment, as a trainer in UNOY’s Pool of Trainers, is initially around 10-25 days in ayear (depending upon the learning and training opportunities) and it includes both paid  and unpaid responsibilities.

UNOY’s offer for the trainers in the Pool of Trainers:

● Paid opportunity to deliver minimum one training (in-person or online) within two years;

● Opportunity to participate once in UNOY’s Training of Trainers both in-person and online;
● UNOY’s official Pool of Trainers certificate (upon the completion of the Training of

Kindly note that the offer for training contracts is conditioned on the needs of UNOY, its member organizations and external stakeholders. Solely the membership of the PoT does not guarantee the training offers.

Profile of the Trainer
For this role, UNOY is looking for a person who:
● Is aware and acts (as much as possible) according to the ‘Core peacebuilding values while
training’ (see page 74-75 of the UNOY Youth4Peace Training Toolkit)
● Has knowledge of peacebuilding and conflict transformation concepts and approaches
● Has experience in developing and delivering trainings based on the non-formal learning
● Has sufficient understanding of peace education in the context of ‘non-formal youth
● Is proficient in English and preferably in one of UNOY’s regional languages
● Belongs to the age group of 18 and 30 years.
(Preference can be given to the trainers coming from UNOY’s network, having participated in one
of our activities and based on the UNOY’s personal acquaintance with the said person).

To Apply

For more information about this opportunity visit the official website here


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