Start a Business on Less than $100: Here are Some Ideas

In our ‘start your own business’ series, we bring you business ideas that you can implement with less than $100.

1. Mobile salon

This is for those who are skilled at beauty and hair care. You can decide to focus on hair care or you can provide a comprehensive package which includes manicure, pedicure and body waxing among others. We advise you to start with one service and gradually introduce other services.
People enjoy doing things within the comfort of their homes. For most, it will be a welcome relief getting beauty services without the hassles of going to a salon. Print out some nice fliers and distribute to your family and close friends. Encourage them to share the information with other people within their networks.
You can give discounts to attract clients. Also, use social media to publicise your products and services.

2. Mobile boutique

Start with people within your networks including your family and close friends. Find out if they are interested in taking a look at some good quality clothes you have on sale. You can open a Facebook page and advertise your products. Make sure that you find good quality and stylish clothes. Request your customers to introduce you to others within their networks or to recommend you.

3. Paper bags

With the green revolution, paper bags have become the ideal replacement for polythene bags. Start your own paper bag business right at home. All the information that you need to make a paper bag is available online. You will need to make them as attractive as possible.

4. Jewellery

For those of you who are great with colour matching and mixing, start making jewellery. Start with simple but chic designs. These will cost you less in terms of money and time. Market within your networks and publicise your business as much as you can.
You can also approach boutiques and fashion houses and find out if they are interested in your jewellery pieces.

5. Supply snacks and fresh juice

I know a young woman who has made a small fortune from this kind of business. She makes great fresh juice at home and distributes it to supermarkets and corporate companies. All you need is a blender, juice recipes and disposable cups or whatever alternative you decide to use.
With this kind of business, you need to be really creative. People want to experience something new every once in a while. Explore with different fruits be it exotic or tropical.
You can also make snacks to accompany the juice. So, as you are marketing the juice, you are also marketing the snack. It could be cookies, cake, and biscuits, whatever works for your customers.

6. Start a consultancy

Are you highly knowledgeable about something? Start earning money from your knowledge by providing consultancy services. It could be that you are very knowledgeable about farming or financial management.
Stop giving advice to people for free. Remember that your advice helps them to make or save money and, it is only fair that they share some of the profits with you.
For you to be able to earn money out of this, you need to make it as professional as possible. Also you need to market your services aggressively. Make some business cards and fliers for the business.
You can also publish a blog site on which you can share information and publicise your services.
Are you a young business owner who started on less than $100 dollars, share with us some of these great ideas so that other young entrepreneurs can learn from you.
By: Veronica

Staff writer


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