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    Position Summary & Responsibilities

    Over the last seven years, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has deployed human and financial resources in India to assist the development of the SHG platform while integrating critical interventions that have the potential to transform the lives of women, their families, and the communities in which they live.  Among these, one notable example is the integration of health and nutrition messaging in SHG meetings, for which external evaluation results showed significant increase in coverage of many lifesaving health and nutrition behaviors among SHG members and their families, alongside improved social cohesion, collective action, and empowerment.  SHGs are an integral part of the foundation’s strategies in, not only health and nutrition, but also agriculture, gender, and financial inclusion.

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    The Senior Program Officer (SPO) will serve as the lead for the foundation’s Community Initiative in India, providing overall leadership to develop, refine, and execute an integrated platform strategy that serves to advance health and development goals.  The SPO will liaise closely with India Country Office Initiative Leads in vertical areas such as MNCH, Family Planning, Nutrition, Gender, Agriculture, WSH (Water Sanitation & Hygiene), and FSP (Financial Services for the Poor) to understand how the Community platform might best be leveraged to serve their goals.  The SPO will also liaise closely with Seattle-based colleagues who curate global evidence and learning on SHGs.  Working with and through a matrixed Initiative Team, the SPO will oversee the portfolio of Community investments and engagements that support the Community Initiative strategy, directly managing some investments and advising on others. The SPO will manage strong relationships with various stakeholders such as NGOs, state and national level political and administrative leadership, Indian institutions working in this space, academic and research institutions, and other development partners that promote community mobilization approaches, in order to ensure coordination and collaboration for greater collective impact.

    Position Summary & Responsibilities
    This role will have responsibility for developing new digital learning tools (adaptive digital courseware and related technology enabled teaching and learning interventions) to dramatically improve academic success and momentum for low-income and students of color while helping colleges and universities spread and scale effective digital instruction at the undergraduate level as part of a broader institutional change process. The Senior Program Officer (SPO) will report to the Deputy Director (DD).

    Associate Program Officer, USPAC – State & Local


    The Associate Program Officer will support their team with high quality analysis and strategic support of

    USPAC state and local efforts. The APO will also contribute to general support to advance the

    foundation’s US Program policy goals. This role will be based out of our Washington D.C. office.

    Key Duties and Responsibilities

    • Coordinates and manages written team updates to team and foundation leadership
    • Devises appropriate project management tools to track team progress against various tasks, including appropriate follow-up
    • Participates in coordinating mechanism calls and report outs with SPOs and assists with any needed follow-up
    • Coordinates with the SPM team to manage inputs on various team and foundation reporting tools and the annual planning process
    • Supports SPOs with grant making processes, including providing grant analyses and participation on grantee calls/meetings
    • Team knowledge and systems management – team progress tracking
    • Co-chair/Leadership trip support; investment documentation, research, review
    • State research, data gathering, analysis
    • Monitors and reports on policy developments across issue areas
    • Assists with convenings and large partner meetings
    • USP/USPAC team coordination

    Core Responsibilities

    The Senior Program Officer will:

    ·       Engage national and sub-national immunization technical staff on an agreed strategy to strengthen government routine immunization program leading to sustainable improvements in immunization coverage

    ·       Support the development of annual workplans at the sub-national level that strengthen the cold chain, improve immunization planning and operations, increase oversight of immunization activities through supervision and monitoring, engage families and communities on the importance of immunization, and make use of quality data to inform overall program performance

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    ·       Monitor field activities on a regular basis, together with government counterparts and development partners, to validate planned activities, support amendments to strategy and provide feedback to local health teams

    ·       Engage sub-national political leadership on the importance of routine immunization as a development priority, improve visibility for immunization activities and encourage their accountability for health outcomes

    ·       Coordinate with Gavi and other immunization partners, including WHO, UNICEF, CDC, and civil society organizations on activities in select sub-national geographies

    ·       Manage consultants and grantees in priority countries, in alignment with national government health and immunization strategy plans

    ·       Liaise with high level government and donor leadership as required

    ·       Expectation of up to 40% international travel