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    American Refugee Committee


    Volunteers have been an integral part of ARC since the organization was established in 1979. ARC is committed to connecting dedicated individuals with meaningful opportunities to use their talents to impact change.

    What is ARC Looking For?

    ARC looks for volunteers/interns across each of its departments including International Operations, Human Resources, Finance, Fundraising/Events, and Government Affairs.

    Time Comittment

    ARC has part-time, full-time, one-time, and on-call options for volunteers. On average, most volunteers at our HQ complete a 2-4 month commitment, volunteering anywhere from 5-20 hours per week. However, there are many who come in less frequently to help with other projects and events as needed.

    International Volunteer Inquiries

    Volunteer/Intern Opportunities  Various Locations – Worldwide, United States

    International Volunteer/Intern Inquiries*
    *Please submit your resume if:

    • You live overseas and are interested in volunteering at one of ARC’s national offices and/or
    • If you are interested in volunteering in a country other than your own

    ARC accepts applications for volunteer/intern positions at overseas locations. It seeks individuals for these opportunities that are able to provide a specific skill which we cannot find in the local population we are serving. Examples of these skills include proposal writing, program development, grant reporting, program management, medicine, engineering, and business development, among others.

    While the organization appreciates the generosity of individuals who are willing to volunteer their time providing basic assistance (handing out food, preparing materials for distribution, basic office work), it often hires refugees in the countries where it is working to carry out these important jobs. This provides an income to a family who is greatly in need.

    What to know about international opportunities:

    • A volunteer/intern should be available for a minimum of 4 months, but ideally 6 months.
    • Volunteers/interns generally must be partially self-funded.
      • This means that you must be able to cover the cost of travel to and from the country where you work.
      • You must also cover the cost of, and provide proof of health insurance for the duration of your assignment.
      • Please note: some past volunteers have been able to cover these costs through sponsorship from a community organization or an academic grant.
    • ARC can usually provide group housing and a small living expense stipend.

    To Apply

    For more information about this opportunity and to apply visit the official website here