How Africa’s top young entrepreneur for 2015 wants to solve the jobs crisis

A few weeks ago 22-year-old Chris Kwekowe was announced the 2015 Grand Prize winner of The Anzisha Prize, Africa’s premier award for youth entrepreneurship. He is the first Nigerian recipient of the award and takes home US$25,000.
Kwekowe is the co-founder of Slatecube, an online platform he started with his younger brother that seeks to solve the unemployment crisis in Nigeria, and ultimately sub-Saharan Africa.
According to World Bank research, 11 million young people will be entering the job market each year across sub-Saharan Africa, but a large percentage will face unemployment. In Nigeria alone, a study by the British Council revealed that around 23% of fresh graduates will not find jobs, mainly due to these graduates lacking both the skills and experience required by companies and organisations.
Kwekowe realised this while trying to recruit his computer science classmates to work at Microbold Smart-Systems, a company he and his brother started as teenagers to build websites and online solutions for businesses. He noticed many classmates lacked the practical experience required to solve real-life problems.
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