High Achievers Climb and Cling

“It takes hard work to get to the top. It is through hard work that you will stay there. ”
Persistence and hard work
You have heard of individuals who have built enterprises that have been in existence for centuries and are still going strong. Perhaps that is too far for us to identify with. Well, think about that one person you know in your community who has maintained a successful career. These exceptional individuals usually have something in common, persistence and consistence.
It is not enough to do things well once or twice. To them, everyday is an opportunity to be better; an opportunity to work toward their dream.
We all have dreams. The difference is perhaps in the nature and the magnitude of the dream. In the pursuit of a dream, consistence is very important. You have to continuously seek to do better; to beat the odds. Remember, it takes hard work to get to the top and it is only hard work that will keep you there.
Other principles of high achievers
The following are some of the principles that have made achievers who they are;

  • Setting goals: High achievers know what exactly they want and they continuously seek strategies to help them get what they want. Achievable goals motivate and keep one focused. If you do not know what you want, you might settle for anything.
  • Failure is not final: High achievers are aware that it is not easy getting to the top. They also know that failure is not the end. Therefore, when they fall, they do not wallow in self pity but rather get up and continue the pursuit. To them, every failure is a lesson and an opportunity to improve.
  • More hard work: High achievers understand that success demands energy, time and commitment. Maybe this explains why company CEOs work beyond hours and give attention to even the tiniest detail. However, we must emphasise that it is important to strike a healthy balance. Therefore use your judgment when to stop and rest.
  • Exploit opportunities. Achievers actively search for and exploit opportunities. Importantly, they recognise the value in surrounding themselves with like minded people. The more people you have around you, the more opportunities you have. Note that they have to be people with the capacity to inspire and add value to you.surround yourself with people who add value to your life and career.

Climbing and Clinging
These will help you stay at the top:

  • Ability can take you up, but character will maintain you there. Character is the principle secret to sustaining your achievements. Good character will help you advance through the storms of your career. You will be able to stand by your principles if you nurture your character. Ability will help you rise; your character will enable you to sustain the rise.
  • Self esteem: Understand and respect what you are worth. Recognise your unique qualities and endeavor to build them and always try to harness them to exploit the opportunities around you. By understanding who you are and your abilities and weaknesses, you will be able to work towards self improvement.
  • Success is never ending and failure is not final. When you win a medal you don’t stop training. When you make big profits in a financial year you don’t stop doing business. When you excel in an exam you don’t stop reading hard. When you are successful today, you have to keep working to sustain the success. When all is well keep going, when you fail get up and try again.

Each one of us has great potential. “Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate; our greatest fear is that we are too good to fail”. But, failure is part of the success story. And, when you succeed, maintaining the success is part of the job. We hope that these tips will help you to keep soaring not just in your greatest pursuits but also in the smallest things in your day to day life.
By Lastone Gulume


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