Handling failure

I have often heard people say that no situation is permanent; that as the sun rises in the morning- it will set in the evening. So is life, there will always be good and bad times.
Yet, even when we are aware of this, we dread the bad times. The times when we lose the ones we love or fall short of expectations are most trying. As we go through life, we have to realize that failure will come at one point or the other; not because we are unlucky but because that is how life is.
Failure is necessary if we are to come up with innovative ways to solve challenges. If life was smooth sailing, perhaps humanity wouldn’t be as successful as it is today.  Winston Churchill- Former British Prime minister stated, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts”.
I can’t forget those countless times I failed to score highly in the mathematics tests and how crestfallen I used to be. When I look back at those moments- I am thankful because it was those many failures that gave me the determination to push on.
What you should do when you fail? 
“Never, Never, Never give up”, these famous words of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill were re-echoed by Honorable Muwanga Kivumbi- Member of Parliament Butambala district. He was speaking to a group of young people who are pushing for political and economic transformation of Uganda.
“The best way to handle failure is to look at it with a positive attitude, says Shaban Ahmed- a consultant with UNICEF and a member of the African Youth Coalition.
“No single man is perfect. We all have our own flaws. To think we are perfect is failure in itself and a very bad attitude that could lead anyone into hardships” he adds.
Do not fear to fail. Remember that failure helps you to reach perfection- as long as you keep trying. Famous Author Paul Coelho states that the only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve is the fear of failure.
Learn from it. Re-evaluate the process and the circumstances that led to the failure and avoid these in your future endeavors. Shaban says, “I will ask myself what did I not do right? What do I need to put right? All the little things that did not go right do not become indicators for failure. They are, rather, lessons in my life on how to go about things in order to achieve my goals and dreams”.
Seek guidance. Sometimes, we fail because we did not have experience or information on a task. By seeking guidance, we give others a chance to review our ideas and give us suggestions for improvement. Two heads are often better than one.


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