Government of Netherlands: Inviting Applications for Migration and Development Grant


The Government of Netherlands is seeking applications for “Migration and Development Grant” with an aim to provide support for priorities which are part of the integrated policy of the Netherlands on migration and refugees.

Support for activities that focus on improving prospects for refugees and vulnerable host communities in Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Uganda, Turkey, Iraq and Sudan. And support for activities that strengthen migration management and protection of the human rights of all people on the move, in Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iraq, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan and Tunisia.

Funding Information

A maximum of €24 million is available for awarding M&O 2019-2022 grants. This grant ceiling is divided into the following sub-ceilings for the two kinds of activities:

  • €20 million for activities focusing on improving prospects for refugees and vulnerable host communities;
  • €4 million for activities focusing on migration management.


  • Legal position and protection
    • Improved legal position, including registration, assistance for vulnerable people, the right to work and the right to access basic services
    • Refugees and vulnerable host communities are better protected against violence and abuse
  • Education and integrated service delivery
    • Expanded and improved integrated basic service delivery that includes both refugees and host communities
    • Increased quality education and vocational training for refugees and host communities
    • Improved social cohesion between refugees and host communities
  • Economic development and decent work
    • Increased number of refugees and host community members are employed in decent work
    • Refugees are increasingly included in development planning of host countries

Eligibility Criteria

  • Not-for-profit organisations and companies (not for profit) can now apply for a Migration and Development Grant for projects as specified in the Grant Policy Framework.
  • Legal status
    • The applicant (or in the case of a consortium: the lead party and each of the co-applicants) must be a nongovernmental organisation, a business or a knowledge institution which does not qualify as a non-governmental organisation. Both lead party and co-applicants possess legal personality. A non-governmental organisation is defined as: a not-for-profit organisation, not established by a government body, which is a legal person under civil law. For the purposes of these administrative rules, organisations linked to a government body by their constitution or in practice may be considered non-governmental organisations.
  • Physical presence
    • The applicant (or in the case of a consortium: the lead party and/or one of the other co-applicants) must have an office and employees (local and/or international) in the country where the activities will be carried out. This criterion is not applicable to applications that focus on migration management nor to applications focussing on activities in Iraq, as far as it concerns activities in Iraq.

How to Apply

  • A concept note of no more than 2.500 words of length must be submitted, alongside the application form (including a threshold check) and a track record form.
  • Applicants can download the application form via given website.

For more information, please visit Migration and Development Grant here.


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