Gavin Moffat: Practical tips to ensure millennials thrive in your workplace

Man and woman colleagues office workers characters quarreling. Bad teamwork

In this extract from his book, Swimming with sharks – Simple business guidelines for a complex world, Gavin Moffat talks about a conscious approach to welcome millennials into your business team.

The M word. We have to talk about it, even though it makes you sigh. Millennials are a reality and they’re not going away. Instead, they are becoming the workforce, as well as your customer base, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Millennials are not a strange new lifeform. They are simply another generation of kids becoming adults and entering the ranks of the economically active. The bottom line is that we must move away from believing that millennials are a curious phenomenon. This overused term only describes a generation of people, an energetic bunch of human beings with massive contributions to make.

Tension between different generations has been a feature of human relationships since time immemorial, playing out mostly between parents and children. It is true that the difference between the Baby Boomers and Generation X was more marked than between previous generations, but generation gap as a term was coined long before millennials arrived.

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