Five rules for a successful corporate career

Quinton Douman

The challenges that come with building a corporate career can be tough. Many people think that it is not as difficult as running your own business, but that is very far from being true. While the obstacles may be different, both journeys require people to have great resolve.

During the fruitful corporate career I had before starting my own business, I learned that there are five rules that will help anyone to climb the ladder at work.

One: Working towards mastery is better than working for recognition.
Wanting to be recognised for your efforts is a limiting expectation to have. If you are doing great work with the hope that you will be recognised, then you will end up disappointed most of the time.
As a consultant to some of the most successful companies in South Africa, working with teams at all levels of work, I can share with you that most employees feel like their work is not suitably recognised and/or appreciated – and at the same time, most managers feel like they are doing a great job at recognising and appreciating their people. Even great leaders have people working with them who don’t feel appreciated, so working for recognition is not a good strategy.
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