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I have heard several people say that our healthcare system is so poor because the service providers are not passionate about their jobs and all they care about is the paycheck at the end of the month. This got me thinking, how many people do we know that are pursuing careers or businesses of their dreams?
I have interacted with many young professionals who have confessed to me that their career choices were heavily influenced by their parents, friends and mostly the job market. The reality is that with soaring levels of unemployment, a significant number of us are more concerned about how we will put food on the table than whether our job is our true passion.
Sadly, time flies and before you realise it, what started off as a job to make ends meet becomes your life. You might realise a little too late that you never really lived your dreams because you were too preoccupied with the paycheck. I am not saying you should quit your job today to pursue your dreams. I am simply saying that do not lose sight of your dreams because of immediate gratification.
Truth be told, when you are working for another, you could get away with redundancy, a lack of creativity and drive. For entrepreneurs, how passionate you are about your business can greatly influence whether you will break even and whether your business can withstand the storms to become a legacy.
Passion in business is a non negotiable requirement. In her article Does Being Passionate About the Work You Do Increase Your Chance of Success? Forbes contributor, entrepreneur and angel investor Amy Reese Anderson explains that it is passion that will drive you to become the very best you can be. She further notes that passion will make you jump out of bed in the morning to take on the world and that when everything around you appears to be falling apart, it is passion that will keep you going.

Marks Birch, an entrepreneur and contributor at Strong Opinions notes that while intelligence, persistence and risk taking are important traits for successful entrepreneurs, what brings all of those skills together towards achieving a goal is passion.
All that said, it is important to ask yourself today, what is my passion?

Discover your passion

Be curious: not just about what happens in your life but what happens in the world. It would be simplistic for us to think that we can only be passionate about things we are aware of. Sometimes, our passion may not be so obvious and we may have to try out various avenues before we can discover what we are truly passionate about. The trick here is to be open minded and willing to explore widely and wildly.
Find out what makes you feel alive: the basic question that you have to ask yourself is: what are my interests? Take time to make a list of these. You can easily narrow down that list by picking out those that make you feel alive. For instance, I like art, reading, travelling and talking to people. However, I have so much fun talking to people and trying to understand what drives them and what they would like to do with their lives. When I am talking to people, I feel alive and connected. It is also important to think about where you are most comfortable. Remember that this is about you, your life and your dreams and taking on something uncomfortable could mean a life of misery.
Find your uniqueness: take time to explore what makes you stand out of the crowd. This does not necessarily mean that your passion should be rare. It simply means that each one of us should discover the special talents and abilities that we possess.
It might take you time to figure out what your passion is but it is worthwhile because as they say, life is nothing without passion.
Live passionately, live life!
By: Namwiza Ritah


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