Choose the right course to pursue the career you dream of

For those of you who have not yet decided what course to pursue at an institution of higher learning, I will echo Confucius’ words: “The essence of knowledge is having it to apply it; not having it to confess your ignorance.” What he means is you should apply the knowledge you have and not just boast about an academic qualification.
How to choose the right course
I agree with Ambrose Kibuuka M S, founder member and executive director of Human Capital Development Consult (HCDC), when he says there is no such thing as a bad course. However, you should ask yourself; should my career be determined by what I study, or should what I study be determined by my career?
I say ‘no’ to the first question and ‘yes’ to the second. A course is as good as your ability to apply the knowledge gained, to earn you a living and build you a career.
Before choosing a course, think about the following: who am I; what is my purpose; what is my gift and what can I do with it; what am I capable of becoming and how can I actualize it; what do I want to spend my life for (what is my mission); what career will best help me to realize my personal mission; how best can I prepare myself for that career; what value do I want to add to humanity; and what landmarks do I want to leave behind me?
When you have answered these question you can then ask yourself what path you should take? You should choose a course that is in line with your career. Don’t just take a course that was just chosen for you by the career guidance teacher, your parents, or the university you applied to.
Why must I choose a course for myself?
The reasons are simple. You will take the course and apply the knowledge. The decision will affect your career, and life, so it’s important you live your dream, not other people’s dreams
It is my earnest prayer that you can one day confidently say to yourself: my life was worth living, I made a difference, I was born into this world with a noble purpose, I have won a victory for humanity, and I am successful. Set yourself on the right track choosing the right course, living your dream, and pursuing your career.

By Derick Joseph


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