Be inspired: CEO of Uganda’s Bakulu Power finds her feet in renewable energy game

Seven years ago, while visiting her family in the town of Gayaza, in central Uganda, Lucia Bakulumpagi-Wamala couldn’t help but notice the garbage on the streets. Having grown up in Canada, this was an unfamiliar sight for her. She began to wonder if the trash could be used for something productive.
“When I noticed all the garbage, I became curious. Something about all the garbage really struck me. That was how I started Bakulu Power,” says Lucia.
Bakulu Power is a Uganda-based renewable energy company that designs, installs and operates systems for residential and commercial clients.
Initially, Lucia wanted to focus only on producing power from waste, but after talking to a friend, she started thinking towards solar energy.
“Bakulu Power started in my mind years ago but it was incorporated in November 2015. When I went to Uganda seven years ago, I was pregnant. It is very common for women in that condition to look at things differently, especially since you are bringing a child into the world. I think that sort of contributed to establishing the company as well.”
“People ask me, ‘Why energy?’ Well, it is the prerequisite for all development,” says Lucia.

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