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About Us

TreccAfrica (Transdisciplinary Training for Resource Efficiency and Climate Change Adaptation in Africa) will provide doctoral and master’s training to 80 postgraduate students in Africa at six leading African Universities to provide the next generation of academics and professionals who will be able to address an interlocking set of real challenges for Africa’s future development: climate change and resource depletion.
The skills and competencies in transdisciplinary research methodologies that TRECCAfrica students will acquire and the research network that they will comprise will be able to generate policy-relevant research that tracks resource flows, prices, the use of these resources and flows of resource rents. Such a network will incorporate the various research environments from the six partners involved into a sustainable partnership for climate change and resource efficiency, as co-supervision and staff mobility form part of the project.

The TreccAfrica individual  scholarships will cover:

  • One roundtrip flight ticket and visa costs for all scholarship holders
  • A monthly subsistence allowance payable on a regular basis during the mobility period. Acommodation expenses to be covered by the scholarship recipient and can be done from the monthly subsistence allowance.
  • Participation Costs which may include tuition fees, registration fees and service fees
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage ( Health, Accident and Travel)

To be eligible for the Scholarship, masters and doctoral students must:

  1. Must be a national and/ or resident of any of the eligible countries
  2. Target group 1 students must be registered or admitted to one of the Higher Education Institutions comprising the consortium at the time of application for the scholarship.  Eligible students must therefore be registered/ admitted at the University of Ghana, Mekelle University, the University of Dar es Salaam, the University of Nairobi, Stellenbosch University and the University of Nigeria (Nsukka).
  3. Target group 2 students must be registered or admitted at a Higher Education Institution in one of the eligible countries identified in the Intra-ACP call.
  4. Students are also required to have sufficient knowledge of the language in which courses are offered at the host HEI.

For more information on this scholarship and to apply please visit the link below


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