Essential Information

1. Who should apply?

If your institution has successfully implemented a project, initiative, program or other activity that addresses climate change mitigation or adaptation while focusing on one of the four areas outlined below, we would like to hear about it.
The 2015 call for applications includes the following four areas of focus:

   Urban Poor, recognizing activities addressing climate change while improving the lives of the urban poor in developing countries.

   Women for Results, recognizing the critical leadership and participation of women in addressing climate change;

   Financing for Climate Friendly Investment, recognizing successful financial innovations for climate change adaption and mitigation;

   ICT Solutions, recognizing successful climate change mitigation or adaptation activities that produce measurable results.

2. Why apply?
Selected activities under each area of focus will be recognised as Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activities and showcased at a series of special events during the United Nations Climate Change Conference this December in Paris, France. Additionally, your Lighthouse Activity will be highlighted through various media channels, providing a unique chance to gain international visibility and recognition. See question number three for the complete benefits package received by Lighthouse Activities.

All other activities meeting the eligibility criteria will be included in Momentum for Change’s activity database.

3. What benefits do Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activities receive?

Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activities receive the following benefits package:
I.            Engagement with policy makers
               • Recognition by the the UNFCCC secretariat ;
• Attendance to UN Climate Change Conferences;
• Opportunities to present work to policy makers during the UN Climate Change Conferences.
II.          Public relations support
• Concentrated media engagement effort prior to the UN Climate Change Conferences, including  placement of opinion pieces and earned media;
• On-going digital campaign, including social media, email marketing and promotion on UNFCCC website.
III.         Marketing support
• High-quality promotional videos and podcasts;
• Dedicated webpage on the UNFCCC website;
• Publications such as annual reports and brochures;
• Graphic assets such as infographics and photography.
IV.         Capacity building
• Professional media training during the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

4. What are the basic eligibility criteria?

Your activity must meet the eligibility criteria for its respective area of focus. Please note that each of the four areas of focus has its own criteria. In order to meet the basic eligibility criteria, the activity must:
1. Address climate change mitigation or adaptation;
2. Be already implemented, or in the course of implementation;
3. Be scaleable and/or replicable with potential for long-term impact;
4. Be innovative and/or demonstrate potential for long-term transformational change;
5. Deliver verifiable social and environmental benefits;
6. Not be registered or have intentions to register as a clean development mechanism (CDM) or joint implementation (JI) initiative in the next two years.

5. How do I access the application portal?

In order to access the Momentum for Change application portal, you will need to create a user name and password. To create log-in credentials, click here.
After you have created log-in credentials, you will be able to create a new application.

6. How do I know if my application has been submitted successfully?

Upon submission of your application, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

7. Does my activity have to be based in a developing country?

If you are submitting your application under the Urban Poor pillar, your activity must be based in one of the countries listed here.
For all other areas of focus, your activity may be based anywhere in the world.

8. Are Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation activities allowed to apply?

Your activity must not be registered, or have intentions to register, as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or Joint Implementation (JI) activity for the next two years.
CDM and JI projects are excluded from the call for applications because they are regulated under the provisions of the Kyoto Protocol, the guidance of the Conference of the Parties serving as Meetings of the Parties of the Kyoto Protocol (CMP) and administrated by the CDM Executive Board and the JI Supervisory Committee. The UNFCCC secretariat is supporting the work of these regulatory bodies, including assessment of projects, registration and issuance of certified emissions reductions requests. Therefore, the inclusion of any CDM or JI project would carry an unacceptable risk that it could be perceived that the UNFCCC secretariat is providing insider information on a project under a market-based mechanism and/or favouring an activity that is to be reviewed and certified by relevant bodies and independent auditors (CDM Executive Board) and Designated Operational Entities and not the UNFCCC secretariat.
However, due to the above voluntary standards, Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard are eligible to apply.

9. What are Lighthouse Activities and how are they selected?

Through a rigorous evaluation process, the Momentum for Change Advisory Panel will select a small number of activities from the total pool of submissions.
Lighthouse Activities are shining examples of successful mitigation and adaptation actions that serve to inspire and increase momentum for further action on climate change. Lighthouse Activities are chosen on the basis of predefined selection criteria which, in addition to specific thematic criteria, emphasise innovative partnerships as a way to achieve long-lasting, transformational change. Lighthouse Activities must also be replicable and scalable.

10. If my activity is chosen as a Lighthouse Activity, what should I expect?

Two to three representatives from your activity will be invited to attend the Momentum for Change events at the United Nations Climate Change conference in Paris, France, in December 2015. For more information on what to expect, please see questions 2 and 3.

11. When will I know if my activity has been chosen as a Lighthouse Activity?

The Momentum for Change Advisory Panel will select the winning activities in summer 2015. The secretariat will inform the focal points of the activities thereafter.

12. Can I reapply in 2015 if I already applied in previous years?

If you applied for Momentum for Change in previous years, but your activity was not selected as a Lighthouse Activity, you may reapply in 2015. However, please be sure to update the details of your application, including progress that your activity has made within the last year.

13. Do Lighthouse Activities receive a grant, funding or any other type of financial contribution?

No, Lighthouse Activities do not receive a grant or any other type of financial contribution. For more information on the benefits of being a Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activity, please see questions 2 and 3.


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