Apply for the UNV and UNFPA Young Innovators Fellowship Programme (Locations: Uganda, Rwanda, Indonesia, Benin, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, USA, China, Ghana,


Enabling young people to realize their full social, economic and human potential is a key aspect of this UNV-UNFPA partnership.

The fellowship programme provides an opportunity to bring 14 young people into UNFPA with a dedicated focus on both providing a youth perspective and driving innovation.  Selected fellows would join UNFPA headquarters in New York for two months, where they would undergo a dedicated leadership training. Two of the Young Innovators will remain as international UN Volunteers for a further six months at UNFPA headquarters in New York; these two HQ positions are open to applicants of all nationalities. The other 12 Young Innovators will return to their home countries, where they will complete six-month national UN Volunteer assignments in UNFPA Country Offices (and must be nationals of these countries).

UNV/UNFPA will recruit innovative young people from around the world who have demonstrated commitment to development issues within their communities as UN Volunteer Young Innovators.

The goal is to provide these UN Volunteer Young Innovators with the tools, skill sets, international experience and exposure to innovation to empower them to realize their career goals, thus building national capacity. Fellows in turn provide innovative insights and ideas that will enable UNFPA to be better aligned with development issues in their community.

If you are a young person committed to bringing your innovative spirit and skills to UNFPA as a UN Volunteer in your country or at UNFPA headquarters, check out available assignments below:

Innovator in Mobile Health
Cotonou, Benin
Innovator in Mobile Health
Beijing, China
Innovator in Mobile Health (South-South Cooperation)
Beijing, China
Innovator in Mobile Health
Accra, Ghana
Innovator in Mobile Health
Jakarta, Indonesia
Innovator in Mobile Health
Maputo, Mozambique
Innovator in Mobile Health
Kigali, Rwanda
Innovator in Financing
Kigali, Rwanda
Sri Lanka
Innovator in Sexual and Reproductive Health
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Innovator in Mobile Health
Kampala, Uganda
United States of America
Innovator in Financing
New York, Unite States of America
Innovator in Partnerships
New York, United States of America

Special consideration will be given to indigenous people, people with disabilities, LGBTQI candidates and other marginalized groups.

For more information about this opportunity, visit the official website here



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