Apply for the Comic Relief “Across Borders: Routes to Safety for Refugees” Funding Program


Comic Relief has launched a funding program for organizations supporting refugees on the move along the key migration routes, from Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to Europe, including the UK.

Overall aim is to support refugees and people seeking asylum to safe, legal and dignified routes to fulfilling and happy settlement, whether that be in the country of destination, transition country or country of origin.

Whilst all the work Comic Relief fund should be rooted in and informed by service delivery with effective participation of people with lived experience at the heart, they are looking for a mixed portfolio which aims to achieve holistic social change through a combination of:

  • Direct service delivery at grassroots level
  • Shifting public attitudes and countering negative narrative through campaigns, the arts, media, popular culture both in the UK, Europe and further afield
  • Changes to policy, practice and legislation
    • Comic Relief is looking for innovative and solution focused approaches, but successful applications must demonstrate:
      • That they are working in collaboration with other organizations, or through funded partnerships to achieve greatest impact
      • That the work is informed by people with lived experience, aiming to shift the dial so that more people with lived experience can genuinely and tangibly shape the sector and systems impacting on their lives
    • Whilst applications must evidence the above, Comic Relief welcomes innovative approaches to social change for example; using the arts, working with the media, using technology, sport for change or different funding models for reaching fragile and conflict-affected areas.
    • Comic Relief deliberately not being prescriptive in any specific issues the work should be tackling as they want that to come from the grassroots, people living and working with this experience. But some of the challenges they have identified during the scoping of this call which you may want to address include, but are not limited to:
      • Lack of access to services (including psychosocial) and basic human rights
      • Lack of data and information flows
      • Hostile environments
      • Negative public attitudes and media coverage
      • Barriers to integration
      • Ongoing risk of violence, trafficking, detention, state enforced brutality
      • Increased risks for vulnerable groups including women, unaccompanied or separated children and stateless refugees
      • Increased risks for people working or volunteering on the ground, including risk of criminalization
      • Inefficient and ineffective implementation of legislation and policy leading to broken and chaotic systems

    PLEASE NOTE: Comic Relief recognizes the need to improve the provision of specialist immigration and asylum advice in the UK. They are taking a collective approach to addressing that and collaborating with other funders to develop a pooled fund, separate but aligned to this program, which will aim to increase access to justice for people in the immigration and asylum system in the UK.

    Comic Relief will therefore NOT priorities applications that aim to increase access to and improve UK legal systems through this Across Borders funding program.

For more information about this opportunity, visit the official website here.

Deadline: 9 September 2019


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