APPLY: 10th AFRICA-EUROPE Training Course for Youth Organisations

The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe is organising the 10th Africa-Europe Training Course for Youth Organisations
in Nairobi-Kenya, from 25th January to 1st February 2015. The training course is organised in partnership with the European Youth Forum, the Pan African Youth Union and the Network of International Youth organisations in Africa. The activity is organised in the framework of the Joint Management Agreement between the European Commission – EuropeAid Co-operation Office and the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe.


  •  Building capacity of multipliers in youth organisations in Europe and Africa with the necessary skills to develop and run Africa-Europe co-operation programmes;
  • An informal network of youth leaders and organisations with an interest in developing Africa Europe co-operation and actively committed to the strengthening of Civil Society;
  • An increase in understanding and dialogue between young people, and their organisations, in European and African countries;
  • An increase in the understanding of the cultural, social, economic and political context of the Africa Europe relations;
  • An increase in the understanding of the instruments to follow-up and implement the new framework of the Africa–EU Strategic Partnership and the Africa Europe Youth Summits final declarations (such as the Action Plan and the AEYP);
  • Increment regional and international partnerships


  • Be representatives of youth organisations in Europe and Africa.
  • Should be a key multiplier playing an active role within a youth organisation, network or service at national or regional level, and plan to continue this work in the near future;
  • Seeking gender balance;
  • Diverse social and geographical background (including disadvantaged and minority groups);
  • Aged between 18 and 30;
  • Have already some qualification or experience in terms of international youth work;
  • Be committed to attend the full duration of the course and be supported by a youth organisation or service;
  • Be able to present the context of their work, their way of tackling problems, the challenges they meet;
  • Be able to work and communicate in English/French.

DEADLINE: 5th November, 2014
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  1. The Forum of Journalists reporting on Corruption and Injustices (FOJCIR) is a Rwandan board of Journalists, working together to fight corruption and injustices. It is a one year old board, as it was created in June 2013, from the will to promote human rights, through the jointly work with the Government and Civil Society to fight corruption. It is made of journalists, media houses, journalists associations, and reporters, from whom the desire to make it was felt. For the time being, FOJCIR has 20 members as journalists, and works with 25 newspapers.
    In the main objective, the Forum will be an open space for all Rwanda media actors, to share forces, challenges and experiences to report on corruption and injustice. Therefore, FOJCIR helps its members to report on corruption, by supporting them legally, financially and technically. Thus it has to train them, equip them with skills and materials for their better work. It also facilitates sharing of experience with other media actors outside Rwanda.
    All possible social media will be used by journalists (members of the Forum) to perform professionally their work of investigating and reporting corruption.


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