African-German Youth Initiative Innovation Fund: Applications opened! ,Apply to Join CIVICUS Youth Action Lab(Grant of up to $2499 USD available)

The German Federal Government together with the African Union Commission (AUC) have launched the second open call for project proposals under the African-German Youth Initiative (AGYI) Innovation Fund.

The aim of the AGYI-IF is to improve and innovate youth exchange and mobility between African countries and Germany and to develop essential competencies and skills among young individuals from African countries and Germany by focussing on sustainable global development and strengthening the idea of ‘global citizenship’ by reaching directly out to relevant stakeholder (exchange practitioners, alumni).

Eligible for funding are projects in the fields of:

enabling African alumni from German-African youth exchange programs to act as multipliers for youth exchange and youth voluntary services
promotion of innovative and inclusive approaches of African-German or trilateral youth exchange for skills development in line with the SDGs and the AU Agenda 2063 and
promoting innovative community-based change projects within the context of African-German youth exchange and voluntary youth services to implement the AU Agenda 2063 and/or the SDGs

Who can apply?
For field 1 applicants have to be 14-35, for the other fields there are no age restrictions. Applicants have to be registered as a non-profit organisation in Benin, Togo, Ghana, South Africa or Tanzania. There is an option for non-registered youth groups to apply through a parent organisation.

The proposals’ budget should be between EUR 2.000 to EUR 12.000 and the implementation period should not exceed 5 months.

For further, more detailed information please refer to the CfP2 Manual and its Annexes (on this website). Please find below additionally the information of the national focal points:

South Africa
– WESSA – focal point: Mike Denison (
– TYC – focal point: George Kessy (
Benin, also a hub for Togo and Ghana:
– GIZ AGYI Benin – focal point Fawaz Ayah (

In the link below you can download the application documents and templates:
Download CfP2 Manual and its Annexes in English
Download CfP2 Manual and its Annexes in Swahili

Interested applicants from Benin, Ghana, Togo, South Africa and Tanzania are invited to submit their project proposals until 29th February 2020 midnight South Africa time using Apply now button below:

To access the French version of the application click the link: Appels publiés (en français)

Apply now

The Youth Action Lab is a one year co-creation lab for grassroots youth activists based in the global south which works to support their movements to become more resilient and sustainable in their pursuit of a more equitable world. The Lab is an innovative, safe, active, inclusive, collective, representative and connected space, online and physical for grassroots activists, which thoughtfully considers diverse contexts and ecosystems to better resource them to flourish with their communities.

Participants in the Lab work to build political solidarity and networks, strengthen capacities in engaging with policy processes, and access resources to support their movement. The Lab will act as a hub for testing new ways of working within civil society and mobilizing learnings from across sectors in support of youth-led movements

The Youth Action Lab is a pilot project supported by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). This initiative is part of CIVICUS Youth and Civil Society Resourcing workstreams to build a more resilient, effective, safe and diverse civil society in the 21st CenturyRead More
Interested? Apply Now! Applications Due 5 February 2020

The Challenge

Young people are facing increasing barriers and threats to their activism. Youth-led movements are unable to access sustainable resourcing, lack the technical capacity and networks to engage with political systems, and continue to work in silos, separated from other movements and activists across geographies, movements, and causes.

Often times, these barriers and existing hierarchies in civil society often position youth as foot soldiers and not as change agents. Through extensive research and consultation with stakeholders, CIVICUS has come to understand that designing an alternative resourcing mechanism that centers meaningful youth participation is imperative to achieve a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive civil society. Our solution to the aforementioned problems is launching a Youth Action Lab, an experimentation lab for ten young activists based in the Global South (Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and the Pacific) that would support them in being more sustainable and resilient in their activism.
How It Works
1. Accessing Resources

The Lab will provide participants with an unrestricted microgrant of up to $2499 USD, access to in-kind support and other non-financial resources, as well as capacity strengthening in order to support more sustainable and resilient movements.
2. Developing Strategy

The Lab will provide opportunities for capacity strengthening through peer-to-peer learning, coaching, and skill-building workshops with the aim of supporting youth activists to be more strategic and targeted in their campaigning.
3. Building Alliances

The Lab, through an in-person residency and regular peer learning sessions, will create spaces for movements and collectives of young people to connect, share experiences, and heal together, in order to build stronger alliances and more connected movements
Still have questions? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions
Co-designing Solutions

The Youth Co-Design Team, in partnership with CIVICUS Youth, is responsible for designing the Youth Action Lab. It is comprised of nine youth activists from the Global South who started working together in August 2019 following a design thinking methodology and testing different ways of working between individual activists and established international civil society organisations.Meet the Team
Advisory Group

Our Advisory group leverages their expertise to support the participants of the Youth Action Lab.

The Youth Action Lab is a pilot project supported by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
Interested? Apply Now! Applications Due 5 February 2020


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