What you need to do to excel at your job in 2018

22 Dec, 2017

Some people want to do a good job so that they can be acknowledged as good employees. Others want to do a better job, so, they put in extra effort so that they can shine brighter than average. We believe that you can use your job not just to earn your next paycheck, but as a stepping stone to better opportunities. However, the only way you can achieve this is by being the very best at what you do.

Here are some tips for what you can do to become an exceptional employee.

Know your job and the specifications of your tasks

Knowing your job isn’t simply about your job description, although that too is important. It means that you should understand how your position fits into the vision and mission of the company. It also means being keenly aware of the trends and dynamics in your field of work. It is not just enough to read about your job and your employer during the orientation week, make it point to regularly update yourself about what is going on in the company including new work plans, targets, and events, among others.

Work hard

Working hard encompasses a number of things but the first one is to bring your best game to the tasks you have been assigned. This means that you will not simply work in order to tick off tasks, but you will seek to explore the best way of delivering quality results. Working hard might mean occasionally putting in extra hours and taking on roles that are outside your job description. This will help you to grow but it is also proof of dedication. Just make sure that you do not put in too many extra hours that you forget to rest and take care of yourself.

Cultivate critical and creative thinking

Every employer loves an employer who takes time to analyze matters before making decisions and taking action. Similarly, employees that suggest innovative but practical ways of doing things are always preferred to those that do not. Before you make a decision or act on behalf of the company, make it a point to carefully think through your decision. It helps to also research about what others have done in similar circumstances. Both critical and creative thinking are skills that can be acquired through practice. One way of doing this is by seeking out opportunities where you can exercise these skills. For instance, it could be at a design session for a new product, or an opportunity to develop a funding proposal.

Manage your time

Create a to-do-list of what you need to do in a day. As a rule of thumb, make sure that you finish the most important tasks early in the day when there are fewer distractions. Be conscious of how much time you spend using social media. Unless you are a social media manager for the company, you shouldn’t be checking your social media pages every ten minutes as this can eat into the time that you would have used to accomplish your priority tasks.

Support your teammates and those below you

You have probably heard the saying that “we go further when we go together”. Most employers expect you to be a team player. To be a team player, you need to work on your communication skills and you must keep an open mind to other’s ideas. Teamwork also means supporting others who might not be as good as you. This will help you to build professional relationships that you might need in the future.

Be professional

Be respectful to others, your workstation, and the company ethics. A good place to start to build professionalism is by reading the employee manual. This should provide you guidance on things like proper communication channels, use of company property and time management, among others. Things like gossiping, inappropriate dressing, and abuse of company property are unacceptable. If you want to be respected, you must adhere to the professional code of conduct.

Be a life-long learner

Seek knowledge. Try to learn something new every day. Make use of company professional development programmes if they are available. Also, remember that at a click of the mouse, you can easily access hundreds of free online courses that you can use to improve your skills in fields such as communication, marketing, project planning, and management, among others.

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…And always remember that what makes EXTRAORDINARY is that little EXTRA

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