What Fresh Graduates Need for Long-term Career Success

10 Jan, 2018

Writing your last exam at university or college can really be exhilarating. Celebrations follow without thought for the mountain of job hunting to follow. Public and private universities churn out hundreds of thousands of young graduates every single year, this means stiff competition for jobs. Like never before, young people must be proactive in identifying and acquiring skills in order to survive in a highly dynamic world.

In this blog, we bring you five tips for career success

Tips for career success

Choose a career that you are passionate about:

When choosing a career, choose what you love to do. It is tempting to choose a career with the best financial benefits. Most people think that money equates to happiness. While money can get you the stuff you need and want in the short-term, it might not provide the inspiration you need to rise above average. It boils down to one question: Would you like to go through life doing something that you have no passion for?

Whereas passion may not bring you big monetary benefits in the short run, you will be sure that it will fuel your drive to bring your very best to the game, and that is how you rise within the ranks.

Set career and development goals:

Career success doesn’t happen by accident. It takes careful planning and deliberate actions to grow within a chosen path. Where do you want to be in the next five years? What do you need to do to get there? What opportunities can you pursue to set you on your desired growth path? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself as you chart your career course.

Additionally, most companies and organisations provide career development training based on the career needs of their employees. Knowing where you want to be in five years will help you secure better career development and opportunities.

Show up at work on time and work hard:

Nothing signals seriousness to your employers like promptness, perseverance, and dedication. In the long run, diligence will earn you the respect of your colleagues, and hard work will give you the mastery and self-discipline to succeed in the future. The basics are simple but easy to forget: show up on time and work hard.

Know your limits:

No one expects you to know everything in your first job. Therefore, do not pretend to know everything as this will make people assume that you do not need their support. Be open to learning and seek real understanding. Ask relevant questions, and seek help whenever you need it.

Additionally, while there’s something to be said for putting in extra effort, you need to know when to stop working to enable you to maintain balance to avoid burn out. Sticking to a set work plan and schedule will help greatly.


This seems to be the easiest yet most overlooked factor for career success. At work, you meet people from all walks of life; people with different talents, expertise and connections. You should be ready to initiate contact with people that have the potential to spur your career growth process. Make use of informal and after work activities to expand your professional network. This could be during happy hour. So, next time you attend a soccer match, don’t hesitate to shake hands, meet new people and share with them what you do.



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