MasterCard Start Path Programme for Startups to Up-Scale (For startups from around the world)

01 Jul, 2017


The programme partners with startups from around the world to help scale their businesses. The program enables companies to gain access to MasterCard’s global ecosystem and to break new markets through relationships with MasterCard and our customers. Some key features include:

  • 6 month virtual program (take part from your home location)
  • 2 immersion weeks at different cities
  • No upfront equity in exchange for participation



Demonstrable unfair competitive advantage, commercially live today or launching soon.


Targeting sizeable market opportunity in the commerce space.


Recently secured seed or series A investment.


Team of 5 or more with key roles established and strong domain or technical expertise.

To apply

Follow the link below to apply for this opportunity. Apply by 1st/August

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