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About Development Connection

Development Connection is a fully registered Social Enterprise dedicated to bringing development opportunities closer to youth.  We connect youth and change makers to opportunities which help them to strategically grow their experiences, businesses and organisations. Through our projects, we facilitate networking, knowledge sharing and support efforts towards sustainable development. Our mission is to contribute to development efforts by innovating services and products that are unique, user-friendly and take into consideration the unique needs of each of our clients and audiences.

Our Model

Our model is characterised by these major strategies:

1. Business Development Services

This specifically targets start-ups and businesses in the growth stage. We support clients who have not yet identified a business idea but are interested in starting a business to identify available opportunities that can be exploited. This process involves market analysis, idea generation, business profiling and finally selection.

In summary, we provide the following business development services:

  • Product/service/business conceptualisation
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Business plan preparation
  • Partnership building
  • Management skills development
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Advisory services

2. The Communication and Branding Portfolio

We offer companies and organisations in the start-up and growth stages the following branding and communication packages:

1. Brand building: We support our clients to define their brand name and brand image. To achieve this, we take our clients through strategic planning and designing sessions which help them to understand their target market/beneficiaries and to develop practical and effective models.
We offer the following services under branding:

  • Website and logo designing
  •  Brochures
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Branding materials such as shirts, notebooks and banners
  • Audio-visual media (advert clips, animations, mass production of CDs, script writing and voice acting

2. Business and Organisational Communication: We support companies/organisations to reach their customers/beneficiaries with targeted communication messages depending on the theme and purpose. Under branding, we offer the following services:
Under business and organisational communication, we offer the following services:

  •  Strategic planning and project design
  • Advocacy strategies
  • Standardising tools and methodologies
  • Reporting (pictorial and narrative)
  • Project planning
  • Research (needs assessment and project evaluation)
  • Trainings (facilitating learning, effective communication, presenting with impact)

3. Development Connection Magazine

The core of our products and services, the Development Connection Magazine is an online magazine (website) that provides business and development related information and opportunities. Our well researched articles include topics related to starting and managing businesses, industry news and tips for people searching for jobs.

Our website also lists opportunities such as scholarships, fellowships, jobs, training opportunities, challenges and exchange programmes among others.

4. Online Advertisement Portfolio

A recent and growing addition to the online magazine, the business opportunities section of our website highlights outstanding and upcoming entrepreneurs their enterprises and respective products/services. We do this to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and agents of change to keep believing and working towards their dreams. The entrepreneurs we profile are champions in their communities and through their experiences, other entrepreneurs learn a lot and keep believing in their projects. This profiling is given free of charge.

We also offer companies and organisations low cost advertisement space on our website. This increases the visibility of our clients companies and products whilst providing valuable information to other aspiring entrepreneurs and change agents.

5. Venture Capital Fund (Pipeline project)

We identify youth with outstanding ideas and passion and give them the financial capital to start. On top of this, we mentor them and connect them to partners to enable them sustainably grow their business. Our target industry for the venture capital fund is agriculture.

6. Development Placement Programs

The Development Connection Development Placement Program provides internships and placements for undergraduate and graduate students and international volunteers with firms doing business and humanitarian organizations that work in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The mission of the Development placement program designed to change the attitudes and perceptions that exist towards developing countries while helping students and volunteers to 1) create meaningful, international relationships and 2) develop essential skills relevant to the global job market.


If you would like to partner with us or learn about our products and services in detail contact developmentconnection@gmail.com


Our Mission

Contribute to sustainable development efforts by developing communication and branding products and services that are unique, user-friendly and take into consideration the unique needs of each of our clients and audiences.



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