2017 Start Egypt Incubation Programme for Egyptian Entrepreneurs and Social Entreprises (Up to $25,000 in funding)

05 Jan, 2018


StartEgypt is an Egyptian startup initiative to inspire and support thousands of Egyptian entrepreneurs and social impact enterprises. StartEgypt is poised to support aspiring Egyptians entrepreneurs through a myriad of entrepreneurial services and activities and rich targeted content.

StartEgypt is funded by the UK government, supported by the IFC and powered by Flat6Labs to inspire, incubate and support Egyptian entrepreneurs and social impact enterprises.


Incubation Program

‘StartEgypt’ will host a 6-month incubator program that is set to engage and support entrepreneurial-minded youth from across the country through a competitive and innovation-oriented process.

Mentorship & Coaching

The incubation program will provide teams with executive mentorship and coaching engagements linking them with specialized subject matter experts. Business Support Services

‘StartEgypt’ will offer teams tailored business support schemes for their different business needs.

Training by local and international experts

Training by local and international experts

Technical Support

Entrepreneurs will get access to technology and training modules and continuous engagement with the help of expert solution service providers and suppliers.

Grant Funding

Flat6Labs Cairo startups that meet predefined criteria by a designated committee and are working within the following sectors:
public service delivery (eg health, education, waste management, environment).
Supporting marginalised communities (products/services focused on women, elderly, the disabled etc).
Supporting poorer regions (products/services or company operations that target Upper Egypt, rural communities etc). are eligible to receive grant funding of up to USD 25,000 each.

Startup Bootcamps

Enhanced by a tailored and customized curriculum and with international mentors and coaching leading its delivery, the startup bootcamp is designed as an intensive workshop for each team to work on developing and testing their idea further and for us to better understand their business in more detail.

Legal support

Legal support and on-call local lawyers who provide entrepreneurs with discounted legal consultation and intellectual property services.

Participation at international events

Eligible Flat6Labs Cairo startups will get the opportunity to attend events and conferences abroad on a near-monthly basis, including prominent events happening across the globe.

To Apply

For more information and to apply for this opportunity, follow the link below:


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